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Romero nrel. She received her Professional Engineer. Born in El Salvador, at the heart of the Americas, Archbishop Oscar Romero came to have a profound impact, both nationally and internationally. Speaking out fearlessly against injustice and oppression, Archbishop Romero 's poignant and powerful homilies were heard throughout the world and made him one of the greatest prophets.

In the year period….

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Hurricane Dolores in the Pacific Ocean. SE 9 July Hurricane Dolores located about 20 degrees southwest of the tip of the Baja Peninsula in the eastern Pacific supported winds of 90 knots with gust of knots on July 9, The photograph was taken through overhead windows on the aft flight deck of the Earth-orbiting Space Shuttle Columbia.

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Notice the thunderstorms in the bands leading into the eye at lower levels and the lighter cirrus clouds coming from the outflow out of the eye at higher levels. The study was performed in June using a man-operated boat-mounted multibeam echo sounder integrated with a global positioning system and a terrestrial real-time kinematic global positioning system.

The two collected datasets were merged and imported into geographic information system software. A bathymetric map of the reservoir was generated in addition to plots for the stage-area and the stage-volume relations.

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Federal Register, The study considers the circle of influence in Cuba for writers during this time…. The whole system is composed by one master Arduino ONE with its Ethernet shield, to handle the communications with the external world through an Ethernet socket, and by one Arduino ONE with its custom motor shield for each axis to be controlled.

The communication between the master and slaves Arduinos is made possible through the I2C bus. Also a Java web-service has been written to control the motors from an higher level and provides an external API for the scientific GUI. The system has been working since January handling the DOLORES motors and has demonstrated to be stable, reliable, and with easy maintenance in both the hardware and the software parts. RCC or embankment dam, with a total storage capacity of 8, acre-feet and a water surface area of Each year on the eve of September 16, when the President of the Republic of Mexico has rung the church bell that once hung in the belfry at the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows in the small town of Dolores Hidalgo, he has once more proclaimed Independence Day.

Field evidence from six slackwater deposits suggests that extreme floods have occurred on the Dolores River since the middle-late Holocene; each of which ificantly exceeds the peak historical flood.

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In addition to being the first paleoflood study of the Dolores Watershed, this study addresses a critical missing hydroclimatic region in the southwestern U. Ely, In this study, we are addressing this critical gap by developing a robust paleoflood chronology based on multiple geochronology techniques.

We have made correlations between individual slackwater deposits based on age-control, sediment color, texture, pedogenic development, and stratigraphic position.

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The correlated slackwater deposits lay within both stable bedrock reaches, as well as mixed bedrock-alluvial reaches. Correlative slackwater deposits between morphologically different reaches are critical because they allow us to make discharge estimates, where the differences may inform us of the degree of channel-bed stability-a critical assumption of paleoflood hydrology.

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From these differences in discharge estimates, we can infer middle-late Holocene alluvial incision rates. This layer contains areas of anomalous surface temperature in Dolores County identified from ASTER thermal data and spatial based insolation model.

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The temperature is calculated using the Emissivity Normalization Algorithm that separate temperature from emissivity. The incoming solar radiation was calculated using spatial based insolation model developed by Fu and Rich The residual temperature, i.

Areas that had temperature greater than 2o were considered ASTER modeled very warm surface exposures thermal anomalies. Note: 'o' is used in this description to represent lowercase sigma. It is at the south edge of the salt-anticline region of southwestern Colorado and southeastern Utah and of the Uravan mineral belt.

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Deposition of Paleozoic sedimentary rocks in the district and vicinity was principally controlled by development of the Paradox Basin, and of Mesozoic rocks by development of a depositional basin farther west. The Paleozoic rocks generally are thickest at the northeast side of the Paradox Basin in a northwest- trending trough which seems to be a wide graben in Precambrian igneous and metamorphic basement rocks; Mesozoic rocks generally thicken westward and southwestward from the district. Sedimentary rocks rest on a Precambrian basement consisting of a variety of rocks, including granite and amphibolite.

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The surface of the Precambrian rocks is irregular and generally more than 2, feet below sea level and 7, feet below the ground surface. In the northern part of the district the Precambrian surface plunges abruptly northeastward into the trough occupying the northeast side of the Paradox Basin, and in the southern part it sags in a narrow northeasterly oriented trough. Deepening of both troughs, or crustal deformation in their vicinity, influenced sedimentation during much of late Paleozoic and Mesozoic time.

The maximum total thickness of sedimentary rocks underlying the district is 13, feet, and prior to extensive erosion in the late Tertiary and the Quaternary it may have been as much as about 18, feet. The lower 5, feet or more of the sequence of sedimentary rocks consists of arenaceous strata of early Paleozoic age overlain by dominantly marine carbonate rocks and evaporite beds interbedded with lesser amounts of clastic sediments of late Paleozoic age.

Overlying these rocks is about 4, feet of terrestrial clastic sediments, dominantly sandstone with lesser amounts of shale, mudstone.

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Regression models that relate total dissolved solids TDS concentrations to specific conductance were used to estimate salt lo for two sites on the Dolores River in the Paradox Valley in western Colorado. The salt-load estimates will be used by the Bureau of Reclamation to evaluate salt loading to the river coming from the Paradox Valley and the effect of the Paradox Valley Unit PVUa project deed to reduce the salinity of the Colorado River. A second-order polynomial provided the best fit of the discrete data for both sites on the river.

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The largest bias occurred in samples with elevated sulfate concentrations greater than milligrams per literwhich were associated with short-duration runoff events in late summer and fall. Comparison of regression models from a period of time before operation began at the PVU and three periods after operation began suggests the relation between TDS and specific conductance has not changed over time.

Net salt gain through the Paradox Valley was estimated as the TDS load at the downstream site minus the load at the upstream site. The mean annual salt gain wastons per year prior to operation of the PVU — and 43, tons per year after the PVU began operation — The difference in annual salt gain in the river between the pre-PVU and Local Sluts La Dolores PR periods was 94, tons per year, which represents a nearly 70 percent reduction in salt loading to the river.

This report summarizes the from an energy efficiency, water efficiency, and renewable energy site assessment of the Dolores Ranger District in the San Juan National Forest in Colorado. A team led by the U. Characterization of hydrology and salinity in the Dolores project area, McElmo Creek Region, southwest Colorado, Increasing salinity loading in the Colorado River has become a major concern for agricultural and municipal water supplies.

The U. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Bureau of Reclamation and the Colorado River Salinity Control Forum, summarized salinity reductions in the McElmo Creek basin in southwest Colorado as a result of salinity-control modifications and flow-regime changes that result from the Dolores Project, which consists of the construction of McPhee reservoir on the Dolores River and salinity control modifications along the irrigation water delivery system. Flow-adjusted salinity trends using S-LOADEST estimations for a streamgage on McElmo Creek site 1that represents outflow from the basin, indicates a decrease in salinity load by 39, tons from water year through water yearwhich is an average decrease of 1, tons per year for the year period.

Annual-load calculations for a streamgage on Mud Creek site 6that represents outflow from a tributary basin, indicate a decrease of 7, tons from water year through water yearwhich is an average decrease of tons per year for the year period. The streamgage Dolores River at DoloresCO site 17 was chosen to represent a background site that is not affected by the Dolores Project.

Annual load calculations for site 17 estimated a decrease of about 8, tons from water year through water yearwhich is an average decrease of tons per year for the year period. The trend in salinity load at site 17 was considered to be representative of a natural trend in the region.

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Typically, salinity concentrations at outflow sites decreased from the pre- Dolores Project period water years to the post- Dolores Project period water years The median salinity concentration for site 1 main basin outflow. Fields of Coal: An analysis of industry and sedimentology in DoloresTexas.

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Research was conducted on a historically ificant pond located in the former mining town of Doloreslocated north of Laredo, Texas. The intention of this work was, to determine the influence of local mining operations on the environment and determine the extent of coal production from the sedimentary record.

Additionally, this pond was created only years ago, ingiving a distinct time frame for any sedimentary records.

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Field work was conducted to obtain sediment core samples from the pond, and corroborating evidence was gathered using historical documents from archives in Laredo, online resources, as well as library records and inter library loan. Sedimentary cores obtained were shorter than desired as a result of the densely packed clay, which reduceding the penetration of coring equipment, leaving the historical extent of the cores limited.

The limited sedimentary record also gives little indication as to the extent of production in the nearby mine and how it may have varied over time. The split cores were scanned with a Minolta CMd spectrophotometer, and the were transformed into first derivative spectrum equivalent data to identify common sedimentary minerals according to their first derivative atures. Magnetic susceptibility analysis indicated great changes in mineral contentmagnetism, some possibly associated with ash from fires.

Bulk density and loss-on-ignition analysis to further. Art teachers often get stuck teaching students about "classical" artists who lived over years ago.

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As art enthusiasts, teachers may be very interested in their importance, but children might be wondering why they have to learn about yet another dead artist. In this article, the author describes how her eighth-grade art students created their…. This study explores the intertextuality between Aurora Caceres's "La rosa muerta" and the novel "Del amor, del dolor y del vicio" by her ex-husband, Enrique Gomez Carrillo. Caceres strategically mentions Gomez Carrillo's novel in "La rosa muerta" to invite a reading of her work in dialogue with his.

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Both narratives follow the sexual…. Note: This "Weakly Anomalous to Anomalous Surface Temperature" dataset differs from the "Anomalous Surface Temperature" dataset for this county another remotely sensed CIRES product by showing areas of modeled temperatures between 1o and 2o above the mean, as opposed to the greater than 2o temperatures contained in the "Anomalous Surface Temperature" dataset.

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Areas that had temperature greater than 2o were considered ASTER modeled very warm surface exposures thermal anomalies Note: 'o' is used in this description to represent lowercase sigma. Reconnaissance investigation of water quality, bottom sediment, and biota associated with irrigation drainage in the Dolores Project area, southwestern Colorado and southeastern Utah, Water, bottom-sediment, and biota samples were collected in to identify water-quality problems associated with irrigation drainage in the Dolores Project area.

Concentrations of cadmium, mercury, and selenium in some water samples exceeded aquatic-life criteria. Selenium was associated with irrigaton drainage from the Dolores Project, but other trace elements may be transported into the area in the irrigation water supply.

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Selenium concentrations exceeded the chronic aquatic-life criterion in water samples from lower McElmo Creek and Navajo Wash, which drain the Montezuma Valley, from newly irrigated areas, and from the Mancos River. The maximum selenium con- centration in water was 88 micrograms per liter from Navajo Wash.

Concentrations of herbicides in water were less than concentrations harmful to aquatic life. Selenium concentrations in four bottom-sediment samples exceeded the baseline concentrations for soils in the Western United States. The largest selenium concentrations in biota were in samples from Navajo Wash, from newly irrigated areas north of the Montezuma Valley, and from the Mancos River basin.

Selenium concentrations in aquatic-invertebrate samples from the newly irrigated areas exceeded a guideline for food items consumed by fish and wildlife. Selenium concen- trations in whole-body suckers were larger in the San Juan River downstream from the Dolores Project than upstream from the project at Four Corners. Selenium concentrations in fathead minnow samples from two sites were at adverse-effect levels.

Mercury concentrations in warm-water game fish in reservoirs in the study area may be of concern to human health.

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